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  Little Paradise Farm is situated in the Sonoma Valley, just east of the town of Sonoma, on 33 acres nestled against the Mayacamas foothills. The farm was once part of the 19,000-acre Rancho Huichica, granted in 1841 by the Mexican governor to Jacob and Rosalia Leese. Rosalia was the sister of General Mariano Vallejo, founder of the town of Sonoma. The current owners purchased the property in 2005 with the idea of introducing organic agriculture to the site which had long been fallow.

  The farm was certified organic in 2013 by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and is operated in the interest of promoting sustainability and respecting the environment. Under the attentive supervision of manager Christian Cartano, we grow a thriving array of fruits and vegetables that are "cultivated with care." The farm is also home to a small chicken flock and apiary.

  Little Paradise Farm proudly remains small and family-owned. 


© 2017 Little Paradise Farm, Sonoma, California

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