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    We are pleased to offer our Small Batch Bloody Mary Mix to a limited number of select retailers.

    Our Bloody Mary mix is made according to an original recipe, blended from heirloom tomatoes and other ingredients organically grown at our Sonoma Valley farm. It makes a perfect cocktail when mixed with spirits, a refreshing pick-me-up poured “straight” over ice, or a zesty marinade for grilled meats. Little Paradise Farm Small Batch Bloody Mary Mix is certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free. 

   Produced in distinctive 32oz “Boston Round” bottles, and with limited local retail distribution, it will provide customers with a unique artisanal product they’re not likely to find anywhere else.

 We are happy to furnish samples to interested retailers, and welcome inquiries.

Wholesale Price:

$93.95 per case of twelve 32oz bottles

Suggested Retail Price:

$12.95 per 32oz bottle


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